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Orthotics & Shoes


Orthotics are used to optimise your relationship with the ground. They aim to reduce tissue stress and facilitate better patterns of movement. They can be used to control motion or to simply support the structures and offload painful areas.

They can be used short- term when recovering from an injury or long term to provide good functional alignment.

They range from customisable off-the-shelf devices to custom devices that are made from an impression of your feet following assessment and gait analysis. Custom made orthotics help support the bones in your feet and facilitate proper alignment. We make orthotics to reposition the foot structure to reduce the stress and pain on the joints that are causing the discomfort.

What Are They

The semi-rigid orthotic is usually made of a strong, solid material, plastic or carbon fibre. The main purpose is to facilitate optimal function in the foot and ankle and further up the chain. They may be used to help relieve conditions connected with walking such as back, thigh and leg strains.

A softer orthotic can be supplied, made from a compressible material and used as a shock-absorbent material or to relieve a pressure point under the foot. They are particularly beneficial to patients with arthritis or diabetes.

Your orthotic may be semi-rigid. These are used to assist athletes to achieve optimum balance and movement whilst performing sport.

Orthotics can be used to treat children who have been diagnosed with foot deformities. These need to be replaced as the child’s feet grow and develop.

How do Orthotics Work

Your orthotic will gently and consistently hold your foot into the optimum position and allow the foot to function correctly when walking, running and standing. With the help of your orthotics, pressure points, improper rotation of feet and muscle strain can be eliminated and the feet will then be functioning as they were designed to do. Once you are used to wearing them you will find them so comfortable that you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

How long will I have to wear them?

They may be prescribed as a short-term option as part of your physiotherapy programme, however if you have a biomechanical issue you may need to continue to wear them. They improve your relationship to the ground to prevent further issues.

Orthotics for Your Life Style

Fitting orthotics into your shoes is not always easy so here at the Court Clinic we pay particular emphasis on providing devices for your different styles. We are used to catering for most activities.